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Strength Coach Interview

Every once in a while, someone asks me to be on their podcast. Weird, I know. My friend,
Anthony Renna of the Strength Coach Podcast, asked me to talk running, personal training, and how getting hit by a car changed my life. Enjoy! Read More...

7 Marathon Training Tips

Telling family and friends you are going to run a marathon holds you accountable. When the going gets rough, knowing you told others about your marathon goals might be enough to get you through that tough interval session. Don't forget to post your intentions to the FaceTwitterGram.

The Plantar Fasciitis Secret

It is estimated one in ten people will develop plantar fasciitis in their lifetime. Orthotics are a common prescription for foot pain, however, a little-known (and often overlooked) secret is that core training and Correct Toes® can strengthen the foot! Read More...

Hip Pain and Replacement

Atrophied butt (gluteal) muscles can cause joint stress in the knees, low back (lumbar spine), and/or the hip. This can be a result of too much sitting and/or inappropriate and/or excessive exercise. Some individuals suffer from all three, but very rarely will all three hurt at the same time; this is known as
The Pain Process.

Running is Great Cardio!

Running is good for the cardiovascular system, the muscular system, and the digestive system. Running may not be for everyone, but if you are thinking about starting a running program, the following steps should help. Read More...

3 Ways to Avoid Knee Surgery

Approximately 700,000 knee replacements and 60,000 to 75,000 ACL reconstructions are performed each year in the United States. Recovery from surgery can last several months, which can muck up your vacation plans. Knee surgery may be necessary, but there are times when it can be avoided. How? I am glad you asked! Read More...

Share This Article! Snow Shovel Hack for Back Pain

Winter is no fun if you have a bad back. Forget sleighing and building snowman, shoveling is where the fun is! Nothing like good old fashioned manual labor to bring a smile to your face! That is, unless, with every movement you experience excruciating pain. If that’s the case, then you need to do core exercises.

4 Lessons Learned from Back Pain

I’ve worked with back pain sufferers for 15 years and I’ve seen the same problem over and over again; their butt muscles (gluteals) don’t work. Their gluteal muscles are like a car that won’t start, and making the gluteal muscles sore (getting the car to start) will alleviate stress in the low back. Read More...

Track Split Pro

phone 5

Track Split Pro is a stopwatch that has been designed specifically for the track coach. Track Split Pro features large buttons so the coach does not have to look at the app while athletes are competing on the track. Track Split Pro also features a quick export button so that the splits can be quickly recorded or sent to the athletes.



A Short Interview with Michael Boyle

Michael Boyle
I struggled with knee pain after a car accident in high school. Walking hurt, running hurt, exercise hurt, and surgery seemed inevitable.

3 Exercises To Do Before Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder pain afflicts millions of individuals and countless rotator cuff surgeries, shoulder replacements, SLAP repairs, and biceps tendon surgeries are performed each year. Doctors often disagree on diagnosis and treatment, however, everyone seems to agree that exercise is beneficial. Regardless of the type of shoulder injury (bursitis, impingement, dislocation, etc.), everyone should do these three exercises prior to shoulder surgery. Read More...

Pushups for Neck Strength

An effective resistance training program is a balanced program. Every pulling exercise should be accompanied by a pushing exercise. The seated row or the chin-up (both “pulling” exercises) and the pushup or the dumbbell press (both “pushing” exercises) should be practiced in equal amounts of sets and repetitions. Read More...

The Book


Share This Article! "Resistance Training- An Underutilized Drug In Everyone's Medicine Cabinet"

I’m going to be honest with you. Every once in a while I come across an article that makes me jealous I didn’t write it. This is one such article. In my defense, I’m not a researcher, I’m more the scientist who likes to experiment on his hapless clients (cue diabolical laughter). Read More...

Cross Country Wrap Up 2017

At our cross country conference meet this year, our women finished third and our men finished fifth. We had nine women and six(!) men. It is unheard of to have only six runners at a conference meet and finish in the top half, by the way.

Single Leg Foot Strength

Plantar Fasciitis is a painful affliction, and it can be torturous to those who are active because every step is a reminder they have an injury. Unfortunately, those who suffer with foot pain often fixate on the foot itself,
and ignore the cause of the injury.

Sciencey Hip Pain

Hip pain can be a literal pain in the butt. Often times, hip pain is associated with back pain, arthritis, disease and trauma. Rarely is hip pain diagnosed as a movement impairment, however this diagnosis is becoming more common. Read More...

My 3 Favorite Shoe Companies and One I Kind of Hate

I was introduced to
Vivobarefoot only a few years ago and I’ve already owned a dozen pairs. They are my favorite looking shoes, and they are both comfortable and easy on the feet. I used to suffer with plantar fasciitis but no more, thanks in large part to Vivobarefoot. Read More...

Split Squats and Creaky Knees

Knee pain can be caused by movement impairment. A movement impairment is similar to your car being out of alignment; even though you intend to drive in the middle of the road and hold the steering wheel steady, the car still pulls to the left or right. Walking, running, swimming, getting up out of chair, throwing a ball, swinging a racquet, etc. can all suffer movement impairments. Much like automobiles, our bodies need constant work, and our auto body shop is the gym and our tools are resistance training, core training, and stretching. Read More...

3 Things Never To Do with Back Pain

Chances are you know someone who suffers with back pain. Back pain is is caused by too much sitting and inappropriate exercise; rarely is back pain a genetic disorder.
Back pain can manifest with different symptoms; herniations, degenerations, spondylosis, spondylosthesis, sciatica, tightness, tingliness, etc. These symptoms lead to a host of misdiagnoses and mismanagement that can prolong the healing process.
Below are three thoughts from more than 15 years of personal training clients with back pain.

The Cardio Myth

The metabolic system, cardiorespiratory health, and digestive tract benefit from cardiovascular exercise.
The type of cardiovascular exercise you do should be based on your sport (or exercise) history and personal preference. For example, if you were a college swimmer and have a torn rotator cuff, running or cycling might be a better choice than swimming (even though you may be more comfortable with swimming). Read More...

An Interview with Jill

jill 2
Jon: Let’s get started. Tell me about your experience with back pain.
Jill: When I was 14 I didn’t have a bedroom and I slept on a pull-out sofa in my parent’s living room (life in Jersey City). This was when I first experienced back pain.
When I was in my 30s and 40s I would be crippled with back pain for weeks at a time.

3 Tips to Guarantee Exercise and Weight Loss Success

Do you make excuses why you can’t get to the gym?
Do you have difficulty losing weight?
Core Fitness has been helping individuals
just like you accomplish their exercise and weight loss goals for ten years, and guarantees that if you follow these three simple steps, you will accomplish your goals! Read More...

3 Easy Neck Stretches

There is nothing worse than a stiff neck. Having to move your entire body to turn your head is not only uncomfortable, but embarrassing! Stretching and adjusting the neck may help temporarily, but often times the discomfort returns. Fortunately for you, we have more than 40,000 hours helping people with chronic neck pain and neck stiffness find a permanent cure! Read More...

3 Secrets to Running Your Fastest 10K

With more than 40,000 hours coaching we have developed a systematized approach to training for a 10k. These tips are just as important if you are an elite runner trying to get a shoe contract or a beginner training for your first 10k. Read More...

Do This One Stretch to Cure Back Pain

Just kidding! There is no “one stretch” to alleviate back pain!
Sitting long periods of time and exercising
incorrectly causes back pain. An individual’s back pain can be decades in the making, and to think that a quick fix exists will only prolong the healing process.
At Core Fitness, we have more than 40,000 hours working with individuals with back pain, and we have developed a time tested solution for curing back pain. Provided below is an abbreviated version of that system.

Easily Run Your Fastest 5k

Millions of Americans compete in road races every year. Racing is alluring and addicting, and registering for a 5k may motivate someone to change their diet and adopt a healthier lifestyle.

5 Exercise Tips from Drew Seaver

1. Food is More Important Than Exercise
“I can’t tell you how often someone wants to hire me because they want to lose weight. I find it ironic because they are willing to spend a lot of money on personal training but quite often are unwilling to give up bread, pasta, and alcohol. With that being said, I have had clients decide after they hired me to make dietary changes. I guess what I am trying to say is either give up grains and alcohol or start exercising, but don’t do both at the same time.” Read More...

How To Effortlessly Get Rid of Shoulder Pain in Less than 30 Days

Shoulder pain can be a daily struggle. Even slight changes in body position can cause discomfort. Working on the computer, getting dressed, and even sleeping can be very challenging. But fear not because we are here to help! We have hundreds of hours working on painful shoulders and will walk you through the necessary steps so you can return to your old self.


4 Essential Exercises for Knee Pain

A large percentage of Americans suffer with knee pain. Knee pain, unlike other types of pain (back pain, shoulder pain, etc.) largely afflicts those who are active (joggers, cyclists, etc.)
The first step in knee rehabilitation is rest from the activity that is the catalyst for the pain. What this means; if you are a jogger, then you should stop jogging until the pain subsides. If you are a cyclist, then you should stop cycling until the pain subsides. The flip side is continuing to exercise despite the pain which will eventually end in surgery, at which point rest will be mandatory anyway. Read More...

4 Secrets to Curing Low Back Pain Forever

Back pain sufferers struggle everyday. Simple tasks such as getting up out of a chair and sleeping can be very challenging to those in pain. Read More...