Master the Basics

One of my good friends was in the other day training.
He told me he felt great.
Big surprise, he works out at JMP.
Just kidding. Sort of.
My friend was actually having some trouble with his hip for a little bit.
I removed clamshells from the program and we refocused our efforts on bracing exercises.
And now he feels great!
Which leads to two points.
(1) Master the basics. And when you think you have mastered them, do them some more. And then when you are really, really sick and tired of doing them, do them some more. Because if you don't you will probably start to ache. I did not write the book on musculoskeletal pain and living in the west, but this the truth. These exercises can help you feel better!
(2) These exercises are not for your entertainment. They are designed to help you feel better. Master bracing in supine, quadruped, and tall kneeling. Master bridging, alligator and seated pec stretch and I guarantee you will feel better!
Getting a change in someone is quite challenging because it (a) takes time and (b) takes a huge amount of patience. We have been taught that (a) the medical system can fix anything and (b) the more exercises we do with a higher amount of intensity leads to betterment in our lives.
I would argue both these points.
This stuff should be used to make you feel better so that you can do the things you love (tennis, biking, running, playing with your kids, living pain free).
Master the basics.
And then do them some more.