3 Easy Neck Stretches

There is nothing worse than a stiff neck. Having to move your entire body to turn your head is not only uncomfortable, but embarrassing! Stretching and adjusting the neck may help temporarily, but often times the discomfort returns. Fortunately for you, we have more than 40,000 hours helping people with chronic neck pain and neck stiffness find a permanent cure!

1. Adjustable Height Work Surface
Based on our experience, neck pain and neck tightness is largely caused by poor posture, and standing a little bit more throughout the day may help. Enter the adjustable height work surface!
If you can imagine someone sitting hunched over their computer with really terrible posture, it’s as if the head is pulling the neck downward. The head weighs about 10 pounds, and if it is not perfectly positioned above the neck, then it causes
shearing forces on the cervical (neck) spine. With the help of an adjustable height work surface, standing more will help re-position the head “on top” of the neck.

2. Seated Row
Learning to row with perfect technique can quickly fix poor posture. Strengthening the muscles of the upper back (which are notoriously weak in those with neck pain) will go a long way in helping restore posture. A word of caution; this should only be done with an experienced personal trainer. Anything less than perfect technique can result in pain elsewhere.

3. Self Massage
Often times, poor posture causes damage to muscles and ligaments in the upper and middle back, which will effect the neck. It can be a vicious cycle; the neck hurts or feels tight, posture degrades, stress is placed on the muscles of the upper back, the neck hurts even more or feels even tighter, and the process repeats over again and over again. Addressing trigger points in these sensitive areas can help improve posture and relieve neck pain and neck tightness.

Jon has more than 40,000 hours as a personal trainer and can be reached at info@CoreFitnessNJ.com or 732-475-0142.