4 Essential Exercises for Knee Pain

A large Kneespercentage of Americans suffer with knee pain. Knee pain, unlike other types of pain (back pain, shoulder pain, etc.) largely afflicts those who are active (joggers, cyclists, etc.)
The first step in knee rehabilitation is rest from the activity that is the catalyst for the pain. What this means; if you are a jogger, then you should stop jogging until the pain subsides. If you are a cyclist, then you should stop cycling until the pain subsides. The flip side is continuing to exercise despite the pain which will eventually end in surgery, at which point rest will be mandatory anyway.
Knee pain is caused by overactive quadriceps muscles (thigh muscles) which result in weak gluteal muscles (butt muscles), and weak gluteal muscles result in weak abdominal muscles (stomach muscles). Trigger points therapy can go a long way in helping to reduce symptoms.
The primary goal of knee rehabilitation is the creation of soreness in the stomach muscles and butt muscles. Strengthening the stomach muscles and the butt muscles will relieve stress on the patellar tendon (knee joint).

Gluteal Massage

Supine Brace


Quadruped Hip Extension

Knee pain can be debilitating whether getting up out of bed, going up and down stairs, or going for a walk. The trainers at Core Fitness have more than 20,000 hours working with individuals in pain and have developed a time-tested system for curing knee pain.

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