4 Lessons Learned from Back Pain

1. Bad Backs Have Weak Butt Muscles
I’ve worked with back pain sufferers for 15 years and I’ve seen the same problem over and over again; weak butt muscles (gluteals)! Their gluteal muscles are like a car that won’t start, and making the gluteal muscles sore (getting the car to start) will alleviate stress in the low back.

2. Weak Butt Muscles are Caused by Weak Stomach Muscles
Most back pain sufferers are unable to contract their stomach muscles (they suck their abdominals in instead). I’ve had clients learn to use their abdominal muscles properly after only a few months of belly breathing, and considering most people wreck their abdominal muscles over decades (sitting hunched over a desk), this is remarkable.

3. Not Everyone Wants to Be Helped
Some individuals simply don’t want to be helped. They are very resistant to change and hope back pain can be cured by a magic pill or surgery. This is heartbreaking and causes needless suffering.

4. Back Pain is Curable
Those who live with back pain suffer constantly. Back pain affects every type of movement, from walking to sleeping and everything in between. Unfortunately, most back pain sufferers are prescribed only temporary solutions. Core Fitness has helped countless individuals with simple exercises find permanent relief. Back pain can be cured!

Jon has more than 40,000 hours as a personal trainer and can be reached at info@CoreFitnessNJ.com or 732-475-0142.