4 Secrets to Curing Low Back Pain Forever

BackBack pain sufferers struggle everyday. Simple tasks such as getting up out of a chair and sleeping can be very challenging to those in pain.

At Core Fitness, we have more than 100,000 hours helping chronic low back pain sufferers. Experience has taught us that addressing low back pain must be multi-factorial. If our recommendations are followed, in six months there is a 90% chance the individual’s symptoms will subside.

Adjustable Height Work Surface
Sitting prolonged periods of time deforms the spine and weakens the hip muscles. Our bodies were not designed to sit hunched over! Humans were meant to hunt and gather. Humans were meant to be active! Removing the act of sitting, at least partially during the course of the day, can help remove stress on the lumbar facets. Furthermore, adjustable height work surfaces are great conversation starters!

A lot of people roll their eyes when food is mentioned as a potential aggravate of low back pain. The hard truth is that sugary foods and salty foods cause inflammation of the joints (and the digestive tract, which is another conversation). You can do all the right things (exercise, use an adjustable height work surface, etc.), but if your joints are constantly inflamed, then symptoms may persist. A good place to start is by cutting out bread and pasta, which are large sources of inflammation in the Western diet. More info and good eating habits can be found here.

Walking (even more specifically, hiking with a backpack) is great for the core musculature. Walking is gentle on the hips and helps loosen the muscles of the low back that are in spasm. Walking two to four times a week for twenty to thirty minutes is also great for the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, and the digestive system. Walking can also be relaxing and enjoyable with friends and family.

Exercise can be a game changer in an individual’s health, and a great exercise routine will make the body feel better physically! The spine will feel looser after exercising. The knees will feel more nimble after exercising. The neck will feel more mobile after exercising. You should feel like you walk better after exercising! A great core exercise routine is one that strengthens the abdominal muscles, the para-spinal muscles, the deep abdominal muscles, the obliques, and the hip muscles, which will help take pressure off the lower spinal region, upper hip area, and sacroiliac joint.

Jon has more than 40,000 hours as a personal trainer and can be reached at info@CoreFitnessNJ.com or 732-475-0142.