How To Effortlessly Get Rid of Shoulder Pain in Less than 30 Days

Shoulder pain can be a daily struggle. Even slight changes in body position can cause discomfort. Working on the computer, getting dressed, and even sleeping can be very challenging. But fear not because we are here to help! We have hundreds of hours working on painful shoulders and will walk you through the necessary steps so you can return to your old self.

Adjustable Height Work Surface
Slouching for long periods shortens the chest muscles (the pectorals) and over-stretches the upper back muscles (the trapezius), which are major contributors to shoulder weakness and shoulder pain. Standing upright just a little bit more can help the shoulder muscles recover that much faster. Also, standing with good posture looks better!

Often times, shoulder pain is only the symptom of an injury elsewhere. An example of this phenomenon is back pain; most back pain sufferers have a hip injury that causes them to feel pain in the low back.
Even though the shoulder may hurt, the actual cause of the pain is usually in the chest muscles and upper back muscles, and a good massage therapist will focus on trigger points in these areas. If hiring a massage therapist is cost prohibitive, a great alternative is using a foam roller. There is always a solution!

Master the Seated Row
The seated row is our go-to exercise for shoulder strength. Rowing with perfect technique strengthens the muscles of the shoulder while improving posture at the same time! It’s like a magic trick! A good place to start is with three sets of five reps, performed slowly (with a 5-second count).

Shoulder pain can be crippling, but the good news is we have a tried and tested solution! We have used these three steps repeatedly with great effect, and most individuals feel better within one month.

Jon has more than 40,000 hours as a personal trainer and can be reached at or 732-475-0142.