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If I told you there was a medicine that you or a loved one could take, and it could make either of you strong enough to now get out of a chair, would you take it?

I’m going to be honest with you. Every once in a while I come across an article that makes me jealous I didn’t write it. This is one such article. In my defense, I’m not a researcher. I’m more like a scientist who likes to experiment on his hapless clients (cue diabolical laughter).

Exercise is the fountain of youth! The magic drug and quick fix that our culture seems to constantly chase
is already here, and it’s called exercise. We spend hundreds of millions of dollars on health care. How much suffering could be prevented with exercise? Several of my clients have avoided surgery and the heavy costs and burdens associated with it (time lost from work, physical therapy and drug copayments, STRESS, etc.) with core training and resistance training. Share this article!

Resistance Training- An Underutilized Drug In Everyone's Medicine Cabinet

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