Sciencey Hip Pain

Hip pain can be a literal pain in the butt. Often times, hip pain is associated with back pain, arthritis, disease and trauma. Rarely is hip pain diagnosed as a movement impairment, however this diagnosis is becoming more common.

A hip may be painful if the femur (upper leg) is unstable inside the hip socket. Do you have hip pain and excessive hip joint flexibility, despite your hip
feeling tight? Often times the sensation of tightness is a symptom of looseness (or hyper flexibility), which may have repercussions on stretching protocols for anterior (front) hip pain. Creating stability within the hip capsule can be accomplished by strengthening the gluteal (butt) muscles.

My experience is with those who are active, and my clients who have (or had) hip pain felt better when (a) they
stopped stretching their hip and (b) started core training and resistance training. Working through pain can be difficult, especially when you get differing diagnoses from professionals and not-so-professionals. A good rule of thumb that’s always worked for me is, do the opposite of what everyone tells you.

Unless everyone told you to read this blog. Then you are bang on correct, and you should ignore the previous paragraph.

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