Single Leg Foot Strength

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Plantar Fasciitis is a painful affliction, and it can be torturous to those who are active because every step is a reminder they have an injury. Unfortunately, those who suffer with foot pain often fixate on the foot itself,
and ignore the cause of the injury.

My foot first began to hurt while running track in college. The athletic trainers told me my foot was over pronating (turning in too much) and that a metatarsal pad (a ¼ inch foam pad that sticks to the bottom of your foot) would fix the problem.

And it did!… for a time. I was able to run pain free for several years. When I no longer had access to metatarsal pads, I would put strips of sports tape underneath my feet to mimic the effects of the metatarsal pad. It became my pre-run ritual, and I loved it. Unbeknownst to me, I was altering my gate (the way in which the foot strikes the ground) and damaging my hip muscles as a result. One day while out on a run, my hip cramped with intense pain. I was unable to run for several weeks. Needless to say, that was the end of the metatarsal pads (and metatarsal pad like things) for me.

Many people who suffer with foot pain never run a step in their life, but the mechanism (cause) is usually the same. Often times, plantar fasciitus has to do with poor footwear choices, which weakens the hip muscles, and
weak hips cause foot pain. This is why resistance training (or strength training) is important. If you have any desire to live without pain, compete in sports over a long period of time, and play with your children when you are older, then you have to lift weights!

Single leg bending
should be done after core exercises (bracing, bridging, hands and knees leg extension) and is an advanced exercise for strengthening the hip muscles and feet muscles at the same time.

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