Split Squats and Creaky Knees

Knee pain can be caused by movement impairment. A movement impairment is similar to your car being out of alignment; even though you intend to drive in the middle of the road and hold the steering wheel steady, the car still pulls to the left or right. Walking, running, swimming, getting up out of chair, throwing a ball, swinging a racquet, etc. can all suffer movement impairments. Much like automobiles, our bodies need constant work, and our auto body shop is the gym and our tools are resistance training, core training, and stretching.

Common characteristics of knee pain are overactive thigh muscles and underactive hip muscles. Movement impairments can offset muscle imbalances even more so leading to countless visits to the physical therapist, chiropractor, massage therapist and eventually, the orthopedic surgeon.

A great exercise that increases strength in the hip muscles is the split squat. This exercise should only be incorporated into programs that emphasize core training and the trainee
has no knee pain and no back pain. The goal is to create soreness in the gluteal muscles.

Split squatting should be performed slowly with perfect posture. Balance may be an issue, and the remedy is to
slow down. The gluteal muscle of the back leg should be squeezed throughout the movement and once the exercise is mastered, weight should be added to increase contribution from the hip muscles.

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