The Plantar Fasciitis Secret

It is estimated one in ten people will develop plantar fasciitis in their lifetime. Orthotics are a common prescription for foot pain, however, a little-known (and often overlooked) secret is that core training and Correct Toes® can strengthen the foot!

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The butt (gluteal) muscles, the abdominal muscles, and deep abdominal are commonly known as “the core”. The core is connected to the foot via “fascial trains”. Fascial trains are elaborate electrical connections between one body part and another. For example, every time the foot strikes the ground, the opposite side gluteal muscle contracts. Therefore, developing strong core muscles can develop strong foot muscles!


Plantar fasciitus can be painful with each step. Sometimes, this pain is a symptom and not an injury. A leak in the ceiling can be traced to roof damage (you wouldn’t think the solution is to cover the leak - the solution is to fix the roof!) Plantar fasciitis (the ceiling) may be a result of a gluteal injury (the roof), and proof of this is
tenderness in the gluteal muscles. Core training and Correct Toes® might help, and creating soreness in the gluteal muscles is a step in the right direction!

Jon has more than 40,000 hours as a personal trainer and can be reached at or 732-475-0142.