Back Stretching

4 Lessons Learned from Back Pain

I’ve worked with back pain sufferers for 15 years and I’ve seen the same problem over and over again; their butt muscles (gluteals) don’t work. Their gluteal muscles are like a car that won’t start, and making the gluteal muscles sore (getting the car to start) will alleviate stress in the low back. Read More...

3 Things Never To Do with Back Pain

Chances are you know someone who suffers with back pain. Back pain is is caused by too much sitting and inappropriate exercise; rarely is back pain a genetic disorder.
Back pain can manifest with different symptoms; herniations, degenerations, spondylosis, spondylosthesis, sciatica, tightness, tingliness, etc. These symptoms lead to a host of misdiagnoses and mismanagement that can prolong the healing process.
Below are three thoughts from more than 15 years of personal training clients with back pain.

An Interview with Jill

jill 2
Jon: Let’s get started. Tell me about your experience with back pain.
Jill: When I was 14 I didn’t have a bedroom and I slept on a pull-out sofa in my parent’s living room (life in Jersey City). This was when I first experienced back pain.
When I was in my 30s and 40s I would be crippled with back pain for weeks at a time.

Do This One Stretch to Cure Back Pain

Just kidding! There is no “one stretch” to alleviate back pain!
Sitting long periods of time and exercising
incorrectly causes back pain. An individual’s back pain can be decades in the making, and to think that a quick fix exists will only prolong the healing process.
At Core Fitness, we have more than 40,000 hours working with individuals with back pain, and we have developed a time tested solution for curing back pain. Provided below is an abbreviated version of that system.

4 Secrets to Curing Low Back Pain Forever

Back pain sufferers struggle everyday. Simple tasks such as getting up out of a chair and sleeping can be very challenging to those in pain. Read More...