Knee Strength

Split Squats and Creaky Knees

Knee pain can be caused by movement impairment. A movement impairment is similar to your car being out of alignment; even though you intend to drive in the middle of the road and hold the steering wheel steady, the car still pulls to the left or right. Walking, running, swimming, getting up out of chair, throwing a ball, swinging a racquet, etc. can all suffer movement impairments. Much like automobiles, our bodies need constant work, and our auto body shop is the gym and our tools are resistance training, core training, and stretching. Read More...

4 Essential Exercises for Knee Pain

A large percentage of Americans suffer with knee pain. Knee pain, unlike other types of pain (back pain, shoulder pain, etc.) largely afflicts those who are active (joggers, cyclists, etc.)
The first step in knee rehabilitation is rest from the activity that is the catalyst for the pain. What this means; if you are a jogger, then you should stop jogging until the pain subsides. If you are a cyclist, then you should stop cycling until the pain subsides. The flip side is continuing to exercise despite the pain which will eventually end in surgery, at which point rest will be mandatory anyway. Read More...