Shoulder Strength

3 Exercises To Do Before Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder pain afflicts millions of individuals and countless rotator cuff surgeries, shoulder replacements, SLAP repairs, and biceps tendon surgeries are performed each year. Doctors often disagree on diagnosis and treatment, however, everyone seems to agree that exercise is beneficial. Regardless of the type of shoulder injury (bursitis, impingement, dislocation, etc.), everyone should do these three exercises prior to shoulder surgery. Read More...

How To Effortlessly Get Rid of Shoulder Pain in Less than 30 Days

Shoulder pain can be a daily struggle. Even slight changes in body position can cause discomfort. Working on the computer, getting dressed, and even sleeping can be very challenging. But fear not because we are here to help! We have hundreds of hours working on painful shoulders and will walk you through the necessary steps so you can return to your old self.