This site was created by Jon Messner and was intended to be a place for him to catalogue his experiences working with clients. Fortunately, as Jon met more and more like-minded contributors, the site's popularity grew.
The information published on this site is based on the real world experiences of our coaches and trainers. Most of our contributors have logged well over 40,000 hours working with clients, high school athletes, college athletes, and professional athletes.
What Jon and company have come to find is that beauty is in simplicity. Mastering the basics (bracing, bridging, rowing, sprinting, etc.) is paramount for both performing better (running a faster 5k) and feeling better (sitting at work without back pain). Even though much of what is published on this website is not mainstream popular,
it is effective.
Good training is not about random exercise selection. Good training is the methodical and scientific use of exercise. Even though this site has been shaped by working with the general population, its lessons translate to runners and the athletic arena.
With that being said,
this site is not just for runners and athletes, it is for everyone, including those who want to feel better. Practicing these exercises everyday, improving your posture, and getting your glutes to "turn on" can change your life!
We hope you enjoy the site and don't forget to do your glute exercises today!